The Anatomy Of A Good Attitude


Good attitude takes you far. You may not know it, but where you are right now in your life has something to do with how you deal with it.

Attitude is not just mere behavior or even a set of virtues. Attitude is how you look at life and how you live it. Going beyond that, one’s attitude has a domino effect because it affects how one connects with other people.

Good attitude is not simply represented by flashy heroic deeds; most of the time good attitude is very subtle that we are not aware of practicing it. It is about starting and ending your day with a smile and filling your time with positive vibes. It is about being patient about results and outcome. Good attitude is about honesty and transparency: it is not just being true to others but being true to yourself. It is not about giving everything, but giving the best that one can offer. Good attitude is doing the most out of what one has and growing a tree from a mulberry seed. It is recognizing that we need others to live and accept and give help wholeheartedly. It is uplifting not only oneself but helping others realize their potentials and helping them to their feet when they are on the ground. It is giving credit where it is due and recognizing the fact that our accomplishments are products of the efforts of others as well.

The most important thing about it is realizing and acknowledging that our world and our lives are not perfect. It is admitting that life is not just a bed of roses; sometimes it is a pit of snakes too. Life is not just about walking on paved roads but also crossing the mud and dirt tracks as well. Good attitude, therefore, is about admitting one’s imperfections and recognizing that there are failures along the way. Good attitude does not stop there; good attitude involves the ability to correct those mistakes and learn lessons in life.

It is cliché but good attitude goes a long way. It may be a common saying but it is rather uncommon to find. It is a great asset that one must not get tainted and get spoiled. Knowledge can be taught. Skills can be developed. Attitudes, however, can be difficult to change.