The AntiSocial Life: Going Out In Your 20s Vs. Going Out In Your 30s


Late Teens/Early 20s:

1. Weeknight?  So what!  Let’s party!  I’ll just suffer through school/work tomorrow; but it’ll be worth it.

2. Raining? Snowing? Horrible thunderstorms?  Doesn’t matter to me; the bar has a roof, doesn’t it?

3. Party starts at 11pm?  No problem; we’ll pregame for 3 hours before.

4. I’m exhausted, but that’s what power naps are for!  Give me an hour and I’ll rally.

5. Niiiiiiice, it’s only 1am!  The night is young!

6. There’s a long line to get in the club?  Luckily I know the bouncers; we’ll go right in.

7. These 5” heels were made for dancing, baby!

8. This DJ is on fire!!!!!!!!!!!!

9. I’m not gonna wear a jacket; I don’t feel like dealing with coat check.  Plus, my outfit is too cute to cover up!

Early 30s:

1. Wait, you want to go out TONIGHT?  On a Thursday??!  No way.  I have to get up at like, 7 tomorrow.

2. Oh, hell no.  I am not going out in this weather.  It’s raining/snowing/hailing/too hot/too cold/too humid.

3. This party starts at 11pm??!  Why so late?  What am I supposed to do until then?!

4. I was exhausted, so I tried to take a power nap but ended up falling asleep for the entire night.  Woops!

5. It’s 1am?!  What am I still doing out??  I need to go home.

6. Ugh, there’s a line.  Let’s leave.

7. Can I wear flats to this place?  My feet hurt whenever I wear heels.


9. I’m just gonna wear my puffy Northface coat IN the bar; I’m freezing and don’t care how I look.