The Art Of Searching For Meaning


I’m searching for meaning and not money. I don’t want the shallow and soulless life of seeking the next big paycheck. I want life to pay me in sunsets from across borders, oceans of all shades of blue, and food from foreign places. I want to live many different lives. I don’t want to be restricted and cookie cutter. I don’t want to follow anyone else’s path. I want to engrave my steps into the earth as I walk through different countries, cities, and capitals. I don’t want to miss the little things in life because they’re actually the big things. I want to live in a state of full acceptance, compassion, and genuineness. I want to take pleasure in life’s treasures.

We’re here for one thing only: to laugh, cry and relate through human connection. I want others around me to see that love flows straight through like a river to the sea. Because by loving those around me means loving myself. Let my brain continue to learn. Let my heart continue to grow. With age, I want to become humble and understood by choosing words more wisely – to have faith that I’ll end up exactly where I’m meant to be.

If you don’t get that promotion, follow your heart instead. What is it that you really want? What sets your soul on fire? Look up those photography courses. Paint on canvas even if you think you aren’t any good. Don’t do art for the image but to ignite your heart and mind. Use it as a release. Use it as a tool for understanding the world. Indulge in your passions and love for life. Look at those around you and learn from them. Take the time to wonder what you want, what you don’t want, and who you aspire to be. Understand that there is more to life than the money you make or the title you’re given.

Give those around you the gift of kindness and compassion. Let your eyes glow with solitude and acceptance. Volunteer. Find a way to change your world, even if it means making a small impact in this universe.