The Art of the Chloë Sevigny Parody


Chloë Sevigny is an easy actress to hate. Throughout her career, the media has tried to sell her as a professional cool girl—someone who exists in a perpetual state of “over it” and makes you feel tragically unhip by comparison. Her acting has always been secondary to her indie ice queen persona, which is a shame because she’s actually pretty good at it. At this point though, it’s safe to say that she’s destined to be better-known for being herself rather than anyone she pretends to be onscreen.

Making fun of Sevigny and her downtown ‘It girl’ image may seem too obvious, but comedian Drew Droege has managed to do a brilliant job of it with his hilarious online incarnation of the actress. If you’re not familiar with his YouTube videos, I suggest starting with “Summer” and “Resolutions” and ending with the latest masterpiece, “Oscars”. It doesn’t matter if you’ve never heard Sevigny actually talk. Just imagine Droege is making fun of a pretentious hipster because it’s essentially the same thing.

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