‘The Bachelor’ Creator’s New Show Is Taking Reality TV Proposals To A New Extreme


The Bachelor is that show we all know is ridiculous, but we just can’t stop watching anyway. Do we really think someone can find their “true love” after spending just a few months dating 20-something people and slowly narrowing them down? Of course not — there’s a reason why the vast majority of Bachelor couples break up within a year of getting engaged. But it sure makes for one hell of a TV experience!

But if you thought the Bachelor franchise was crazy, just wait until you the premise of creator Mike Fleiss’s new show, aptly titled The ProposalThe 10-episode reality show will feature 10 “eligible” (see: “hot”) men and women competing in four pageant-style rounds to win the heart of the mystery suitor. It’ll include swimsuit competitions, rounds of romantic questions, and even a meeting with the mystery suitor’s most-trusted family member. The final two contestants will finally get to meet the mystery man (or woman!) and — you guessed it — propose to them, in hopes that this total stranger just might say yes.

So, yeah. If you thought the Bachelor candidates were crazy for proposing after barely knowing one another for a few weeks, get ready for a whole new level of insanity.

The show will be hosted by Jesse Palmer, who you might remember from season five of The Bachelor in 2004. Palmer was the first-ever non-American bachelor who, ironically, didn’t even propose to his season’s winner, Jessica Bowlin. He’s an interesting choice for the show, to say the least.

Though the show honestly sounds completely ridiculous (like, absolutely wacky), I’m probably still going to watch it. What can I say? I’m an addict for manufactured drama.