The Beautiful Truth About Learning To Live In The Moment


We have to be careful in this world. We blink and something has changed, discreetly. We go to sleep and when we walk up anything could have happened. Usually it hasn’t, usually days pass and it feeling almost like a more grey version of the day before. It feels like a movie on repeat with maybe a few mishaps here or there.

Then you look back, maybe months, maybe years later and you see how much was happening, how you just didn’t notice it. Then, of course, you what every human being is obsessed with doing. You miss it. You miss him, you miss her, and you miss that country, time experience. The naivety. It’s all back there, in this weird time zone you want to somehow jump back into right?

Okay, fair enough. But stop for a minute; just think about what you were actually thinking back then. Most likely, you were planning or worrying about what was coming right? Were you fully enjoying what was in your life? We seem to be incapable of doing just that. Going back to it isn’t possible. Life doesn’t move backwards, if it did we would never learn from experience. Also going back would do no good, you’d only make the same mistakes.

So learn from your everyday.

If something is gone or is going do not worry. The important thing is not that it is fading away; the important thing is that it was there, you experienced it. Now when you wake up, don’t dwell on the time wasted, the moments lost to your brains instinct of telling you to always want more and more.

When something is good it’s good. Why do we need more? So right now, if in your life you have something worth smiling with the stars, just understand how impermanent it is and enjoy it to its fullest while it lasts. Stop stressing. Anticipating what is yet to come will only erase what joy you could be experiencing right now. Nothing is guaranteed. Accept that. Nothing lasts forever. Live that way. And instead of wasting these moments of joy stressing over if there is going to be more of them in store, just breath, stop , enjoy and appreciate these small snippets of ecstasy you are being given.

Break the rules that state it is only loss which teaches us about the worth of things.

Appreciate the damn things while you have them. Don’t wait until their gone to romanticize them. Realize their worth. Then sit back, tilt your head to the sky and smile, because you know how ephemeral time is. How intangible mere moments are. In a world where people run frantically from deadline to deadline, who only look over their shoulder and grieve over what is behind them? In a world full of people so, so concerned about tomorrow they forget today.

In this world you have chosen to live in the moment, you have chosen to relish in what you have while it’s in your hands, not when it’s slipped through them.

You have chosen now, not then, not when and in this world that’s all anyone can aspire to do.