The Beauty And Tragedy Of The Butterfly Effect


Imagine the flap of one fluorescent butterfly with violet wings transitioning into a beautiful deep blue, all the way across the universe changing the course of your life. One small act, such as the flap of wings, can have a large effect in your life. One tiny flap, one friend request, one message.

All these elements combined together led to the point of you meeting him. From that point onward, every memory you made with him became a tattoo on your body. He loved tattoos. He had one on his left arm. Remember the first time you talked over the phone and that perfume you tipped over by mistake? The other day, it suddenly got stronger. That was your brain associating the beautiful fragrance with the thought of him. Now, it’s a year down the line and you can’t buy that perfume anymore because it reminds you of him.

One flap, one friend request, one message.

Remember the innocent first kiss you shared, the way he teased you with his lip bite and mesmerizing eyes? That kiss represented the first of many firsts that became a part of the museum of tattoos you wear today. There for the world to admire and criticize. Now, it’s a year down the line and you are wondering how you let a boy make a hotel out of your body, how you let him claim parts of yourself when you offered him the whole.

One flap, one friend request, one message.

How wonderfully paradoxical your life became, how beautiful and tragic it was to love him, how broken he was. You see, when the butterfly effect began in your life, it never cautioned you about who and what the process would bring. Broken people use quick fixes to heal the temporary pain and you, my darling, were one of them. But my god, you are one hell of an amazing drug.

One flap, One friend request, one message.

My darling, every seven years your skin cells die and renew themselves, renew you. There will be skin he has never touched and the bad memories in the shape of tattoos will fade.

Until then wait for the next butterfly to flap its wings. You never know the magic that awaits you.