The Beauty In The Mundane


There are flashes of beauty everywhere we look, captured sometimes by your eyes only. Beauty is never tethered. It is often fleeting, always vanishing and reappearing whenever someone catches a second to admire it.

To stop and smell roses.

Everything has a sense of allurement—after all, it is only human to be curious. But the way we scan everything to seek shapes and faces of those we greatly admire is to find beauty in the mundane.

Some things we can only cherish from afar, and others up close. People hate the rain when they’re stranded in it but love it in the warmth of their own house during a day off work, listening to the rain patter while they curl up with a drink of their choice.

Same weather, just different situations.

We choose what we want to admire, which is why it is so important to us when something grabs our attention. When something stops us in our tracks and takes us back with awe, like the northern lights or heavy snow when we haven’t seen it in a while.

But treasuring beauty also helps with gratitude. We’re lucky to see the flowers pop up fresh in spring. Often they get trampled by busy commuters plodding to work, but every year they try and rise again.

Beauty demands no attention but always receives it.

It is common in works of art, on iconic TV scenes set up to be scrutinized by an audience. The way patterns satisfy a deep urge to be uniformed, making us always notice something against the grain.

People chase art. They form a great attachment to beauty.

But beauty can be found in simple things. The way an overgrown garden holds a haven for insects. How a mismatched painted room has echoes of someone who’s tried. A table filled with coffee rings of a tired worker or the cracks on a phone screen belonging to a clumsy person.

All these things show life. A glimpse into a world full of hope, a world full of desire to move forward, to try new things. A life lived and not regretted.

How the mundane suddenly becomes a thing of great beauty.

So take a second to admire and fall in love with the life you have and the beauty which complements it.