The Best David Bowie Song That You’ve Never Heard


I feel it; It’s like without Bowie’s gravity, the planet is suddenly spinning even more off-axis. Anyone could rightly dedicate a lifetime to posting his accolades, but today I’d just like to share my favorite song of his. It’s an instrumental track from 1981 called Crystal Japan. -Only released as a B-side to the 7” single, Up The Hill Backwards, and as a soundtrack for a 30-sec Japanese sake commercial.

I remember exactly how I felt the first time I put the needle down on this record. -like I had unearthed something beautiful –an eerie, haunting tune that somehow time had forgotten but I’d treasure and play ’til the end of days.

It didn’t take long, though, for me to realize that I wasn’t the only one.
– that Crystal Japan may be more than just a song. That it may be some kind of modern rock Rosetta Stone or decoder ring that unlocks a great mystery. Does Crystal Japan signify a rite of passage that unites all of my other musical heroes? Is there an ancient secret society or inner circle of songsmiths passing down guarded melodies through the ages to only those who are worthy and chosen? Have I just had too much Mexican cough syrup? You decide. xo

Listen to NIN In a Warm Place at 0:51

Listen to the bridge in Stripped by Depeche Mode at 2:30.

Now listen to Crystal Japan