The Best Kind Of Love


There are so many different types of love that it becomes so messy to describe what love is. “How do you know you’re in love?” My reply is: “You just know.” Love is indescribable, sometimes love isn’t a superhero come to save you from drowning in depression. It may not be someone who you fell in love with at first sight. There may not have been fireworks when you first kissed and no maybe it isn’t some complex-life-altering love. But I must admit out of all the types of love I have experienced: the all-at-once type of love, the slowly-falling type of love and the intense type of love… I prefer the simple love. No- just because it’s simple love doesn’t mean it comes easy. It’s the type of love where you’re more than happy just to sit at home or go for a walk together. The type of love where you don’t find yourself remembering if you’ve ever worn makeup around them. The type of love where you fall asleep together and you don’t get nightmares. The type of love where you don’t have to worry about what you may say or do because they will never judge you. The type of love that every fight or obstacle doesn’t give you hesitation because you know that is your person. The type of love where you truly are best friends sharing a life together. It may not be easy; love never is. But this love makes you happy and even all the pain you’ve experienced in that love never could outweigh the sheer joy. And it’s the kind of love that makes you so comfortable and gives you this warm glow inside. Where you feel safe and at home. That’s the best kind of love, because well… that love lasts forever.