The Best Revenge Is Walking Away From Revenge


The best revenge is happiness. The best revenge is working on yourself. The best revenge is walking away from revenge.

Mahatma Gandhi said, “An eye for an eye leaves the whole world blind.”

“Getting even” with someone gives you a temporary feeling of pride and mild accomplishment. A temporary sense of fulfillment. A temporary adrenaline rush. Temporary. But, what happens when these feelings fades?

You still hurt.

Forget about giving someone a taste of their own medicine. Forget about making them regret the day they hurt you. Heartbreak. Betrayal. Abandonment. Revenge is not a panacea. And it’s certainly not a magic healing potion.

Learn how to forgive people. Learn how to forgive those who are unapologetic, those who fail to see the consequences of their actions. Let negative emotions fuel a positive and motivated lifestyle.

The best revenge is not caring what other people think of you. Inhale opinions. Exhale self-confidence. You are one of a kind. That means something. You are a piece of art.

But, the funny thing about art is that beauty is always in the eye of the beholder. Past experiences, relationships and mistakes build the foundation of our unique, individualized perceptions of artwork.

Value your flaws. Embrace your sharp, multi-colored mosaic pieces.

You are your own masterpiece.

Learn to let go. Baggage will forever rotate on the airport carousel. Though at times it may be unclaimed, it always returns to its owner. But, I say this with a positive outlook. One’s past does not define who they are. It is simply waves rising and crashing. The past will only define you if you allow it to suck you into the whirlpool, if you allow it to spin you in circles and influence present decisions.

Learn to let go of self-sabotaging factors. Learn to let go of people who pull you into the riptide.

Take a step forward. Inhale fresh air. You will soon reach a healthy level of self-love.

The best revenge is accepting who you are. The best revenge is loving who you are until you become, until you create the best possible version of yourself. The highest level of undeniable and indestructible self-love is waiting for you. Chase it.

Live with no regret. Live with no revenge.