The Biggest Problem With The 2016 Election Is The Dismissal Of Trump’s Sexism


The Presidential election has brought out a whole lot of ugly these past few months. You’re considered evil if you like either candidate, dividing people throughout the United States. Whether you want to vote for Hilary Clinton or Donald Trump is your business. If you believe one candidate will help this country more than the other that you have every right to make that choice for yourself. This isn’t an article about which candidate would make a better President.

I believe that the larger issue at hand is the dismissal of Donald Trump’s behavior.

The bigger problem is the excuses made that attempt to lessen the severity of the intentionally offensive and vulgar language that is Donald Trump’s natural and organic self.

Donald Trump has exhibited sexist and racist behavior and is unable to take responsibility for any of his actions. He constantly blames others, playing the victim. Trump has claimed media bias in favor of Hillary Clinton. He is absolutely right, there is media bias against him.

But when you are proud of the fact that you can grab any woman by the pussy because you are a “celebrity” you don’t leave the media with many choices.

There isn’t a positive way to spin that. Donald Trump has repeatedly tried to associate behavior of Bill Clinton with Hilary Clinton, although they are two different people. Yet ,he does not want us to associate his past behavior with him, the same person. That doesn’t make much sense to me.

This isn’t the first time Donald Trump has shown what little respect he holds for women. You can Google hundred of quotes that Donald Trump has made over the years. Although the media is painting him as this volatile and irrational jerk, they are just using the material he has given. Unable to deal with the reality he has created, he attacks others with offensive and hurtful words. Fat, ugly, pig, gross, flat chested, clown, neurotic, a mess, lazy, slob, dog, and unattractive. These are words he uses regularly.

Michelle Obama said it best, “This is not normal.”

What is scariest about the dismissal of such behavior?

Those who are humored by Donald Trump’s words and explain this is who he is and they have no problem with that.

This dismissive behavior is the same behavior that allowed Brock Turner to do three months in jail for raping an unconscious woman behind a dumpster. This is the same behavior that claims if a woman is drunk enough and/or showing enough skin, she is asking for it. No matter how many times she says no, she wants it.

Sexism is alive today and the behavior of Donald Trump is not something that should be ignored. This is happening, right here right now. These are real problems and ignoring them is inexcusable. Overlooking this sort of behavior inevitably allows it to continue.