The Clouds


It is not well-known that people can walk on top of the clouds. It is a thing that is rarely attempted these days. It is rarely attempted for the reason that so many people consider the clouds to be weightless, ethereal, insubstantial, and so forth.

But see, this is only illusion. In fact, nothing could be further from the truth. Approached correctly, stepped on in the right manner, the clouds are as solid and substantial as a thing carved from granite.

They are; they are so solid. See? Try it. Do you see how easy? You can walk on them. Or perhaps you do not see.

The reason for not approaching the clouds is actually a different one. The truth of the matter is that the clouds are very sensitive — emotionally sensitive, I mean. The clouds are full of hopes and dreams and misplaced ambitions. Solid but delicate, that’s what they are, like a high school girl who writes too many haiku. Tread on them carefully, for if you tread on them incorrectly, you can make them cry.

See? Now you see. You tread on them wrong. They cry. You cry. And then as suddenly as it started, the emotion is ended.

Is sadness just happiness from a different point of view? Standing below, the warm spring rain falls down on your face. You shut your eyelids and flutter your face gently from side to side — what a blessing from above. When it is done, you shake yourself off, like a dog who has gotten a bath from a hose. Everything is different, everything depends on your point of view, whether it is a higher or a lower point of view. But the clouds do not see this, for they cannot go up or down, but only move from side to side, floating behemoths who cannot change their altitude. They cannot change their perspective — and this, perhaps, is why they are so very sad. 

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