The Complexity Of Simple Things


As we go through our daily lives, we tend to sort things we experience as either simple or complicated. The simple things are the things we are sure of, the things that can be painted in black and white, the stuff we have all figured out, or so we think. The complicated things are the ones we have to analyze a bit to figure out; the situations that take a little bit more time to find a way out of, a solution, a sure answer.

But if we were to really sit down and think about some of those “simple” things, they may actually be more complex then we assumed in the first place. And then we start to ask ourselves how can something so simple be so complex at the same time? We can feel so strongly about something and that makes it so simple but finding the reason for the strength of those feelings can be so complex.

The perfect example of this is love; an emotion that is so simple and so complex at the same time that it makes all the sense and none, all at the same time. Anyone can ask me if I am in love with him and I can answer that question and be so sure of my answer, but when they ask why I’m in love with him I actually become speechless. And then I start to think I’ve never been so sure of something that is completely unsure in my life; the complexity of the simple thing. I am so sure that I love him but explaining that to people is complicated.

And so I begin to think of the complex answer to the simple question, only to realize it’s more than just one answer, but rather an explanation. I love him because he makes me happy, because I can be having the worst day ever and once I see him everything starts to get better. I love him because whenever I feel like the whole world is against me, he reassures me he’s on my side. I love him because he’s not afraid to tell me the truth, knowing that it’s something I deserve to know. I love him because I know I’m safe with him and every time he hugs me I feel even safer. I love him because I can be myself and he accepts me as I am, flaws and all. I love him because everything I lack he has, making me feel, finally, complete. I love him because this is real, because it’s real and it works and it feels right and that’s something that doesn’t happen much in life, so that is what makes me so sure that this is something I want forever.

And then I realize things can’t be either simple OR complex. They’re just things; that are made up of both simplicity and complexity.

“Love; one of life’s biggest contradictions.”