The Confessions Of A Closet Introvert


The Meyers-Briggs personality test is a testimonial to how imperative it is in our society to categorize people into groups. Thus conforming our society’s need to categorize, I write this as a closet introvert. Many of my friends and family would laugh and deny this description of myself, as I am often the most talkative, confident, and exceedingly outspoken person they know.
And I have all of those qualities, but I also love reading, and playing piano, and comfortable silence.

I am the stereotype breaker for the largest fallacy dealing with introverts and extroverts; I am not bashful! Introverts are not shy! We simply need time to ourselves to recharge, relax, and analyze situations on our own or with a few people we trust.

But, I was an introvert in disguise until last year, when I finally realized why my busy and social life-style had caused me to become so run-down and exhausted. From constant socialization with my large, and I mean large, group of friends, I rarely had any time to concentrate on me. Sitting around a table, listening to fourteen different conversations at once was not my idea of productive in regards to building relationships. And without the ability to bond closely with a select few of my friends, I was missing the intimacy and connection. I enjoy being with others, and I always have, so when my anxiety would spike when surrounded by my friends for extended periods of time, I was continuously bemused.

After all, I am a loud-talkative person who must be around many people to be happy, right?

I had convinced myself of the fact I was extraverted because the majority of my family and friends are, and that is the type of personality our society revers. The outgoing girl who is going to get the job, fight for the cause, and win the race by leading.

Well, I am writing this to say I will get the job because of my talkative dedication and quiet deliberation. I will fight for my causes because I am not shy and I will approach anyone with new ideas, and I will analyze any given situation from all angles before jumping to a conclusion. I have always been someone who does not quit until she has achieved her goals.
As for being a leader, I know I am one.

So to all those people who believe introverts are the shy wall-flowers, I say to you that we are much more than that! Our personalities cannot be measured by tests, and not one person is the same, but introverts overall spend more time analyzing situations and drawing their own conclusions. Our society needs those well-rounded introverts, as well as the brazen extraverts, to lead the way together.

I am a closet introvert no longer. Bring it on, world!

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