Two Teens Float Away And Almost Die On A Lake Michigan Iceberg


Two Wisconsin teenagers got stuck on a chunk of ice that floated inexorably out, out, out into Lake Michigan this weekend. The 17-year-old and 18-year-old were standing atop a chunk of ice at the water’s edge when it broke free. Authorities had to be called to retrieve the two.

The Racine Police Department along with the Racine Fire Department responded. Fire personnel in scuba gear/wet suits were safely able to get both back to shore and there are no reported injuries.

After giving both of the teens life jackets, the divers then pushed the chunk of ice back to shore where they were able to walk back to land.

This isn’t the only frozen lake incident the Coast Guard has had to deal with this winter. Last week a man was trying to walk to Canada and had to be rescued.

The Coast Guard rescued a man, 25, from Lake St. Clair on Thursday, he said he was attempting to walk from Detroit to Toronto.

featured image – Twitter