The Cracks On Our Surface Let Fear Escape


Then, I started to see cracks.

Poet Leonard Cohen said, “There is a crack in everything. That’s how the light gets in.”

But what if instead of light, fear creeps in through the cracks?–fear of falling, fear of committing, fear of loving, fear of learning depths of oneself, fear of accepting that this is already the end of something; fear of beginning. The “fear list” never ends and so does queries on our capability to love again after a hard fall. Right? Right.

But maybe, as the “fear list” and doubts continue to stretch, someone is also going beyond bounds to embrace our fears and answer our doubts. Someone with cracks.

Maybe, cracks are not only meant to let the light in. Maybe, cracks are also meant to let in fear; and test our faith. Maybe, cracks are also meant to show us that we should look closer because from afar, cracks may seem undesirable but upon looking closer, that crack on the wall may make us feel that we don’t need walls anymore. Because there lies a better world beyond the cracks.

Just believe.