The Difference Between Adventurers And Homebodies


There are two types of people in this world. Those who stay and those who don’t. There is nothing wrong with staying put in the town you grew up in. It provides comfort, a sense of security and a forever home. You are surrounded by familiar places and familiar faces.

Maybe you love and adore your family and couldn’t imagine not being able to have dinner with them once a week. They are your security blanket and the people you run to when you’re feeling down. Maybe you are financially unable to move or maybe you have a significant other in the area. Being away from them would tear you apart. These are the left brained people. The analytical and voice of reason ones.

Then there are those who move away from their hometown. They have an adventurous spirit and crave new sights and new people. They value exploration and experience over ignorance and consistency. You never really know what to expect out this type. These are the right brained people. They are the creative and emotional ones.

There is no middle as I have tried to find it. You can’t go to college 500 miles away and move home and expect for everything to work. Straddling the line between staying and leaving is exhausting. You don’t want to make roots where you are because you have a desire to leave, yet while you are there you know that’s the only way you will be able to survive. Friends won’t commit to being your friend because you’re not fully there. You’re physically present but not mentally and emotionally.

You must pick a side. The choice is a difficult one but it’s one we all must make. Moving away is like jumping off a cliff and praying to God the rope doesn’t snap. It’s exhilarating and emotional.

If you spend your time reading travel blogs or pinning destinations to your travel board you’re a go type person. If you feel content right where you are and love your neighborhood streets, you’re a “stay.” Would you rather watch House Hunters or House Hunters International?

I think to truly find yourself and discover who you are, you must go. You must put yourself in an incredibly vulnerable situation and figure out how to do life on your own. If it doesn’t work out you can always move back home. That’s what is so great about home. It’s always going to be there. Cities and towns can’t pick up and move.

The hardest part about leaving is doing just that. It takes strength and courage and no one else but yourself will ever truly know what it’s like to be alone but once you take the first step all the others get easier.

You’ll meet interesting, crazy, wonderful people along the way and many of them will be just like you; wanting to explore the world and learn more about themselves and this crazy world we live.

One of the greatest things about being categorized into one of two types is that no type looks the same. Being adventurous or being a homebody doesn’t have a look. One isn’t better than the other. You can be equally as successful and happy.

If you feel in your heart that you want to move and see what another city has to offer, go. Do it while you’re young and have few permanent ties to one place.

Whether you want to stay or want to go, make sure you’re following your heart. You only get one life to live so you better make it a good one.

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