The Difference Between The Successful And The Unsuccessful


Have you ever looked at a successful person and felt envious? That’s a rhetorical question because I know you have. Even if you’re the least envious person on the planet, you have felt jealous about someone’s life at least once.

Envy isn’t a fun feeling. It makes you feel more unsuccessful than you originally thought, you feel like you’re lacking something, and it just feels like an ugly weight in your chest.

There are many ways to get rid of this feeling (i.e. Don’t compare yourself to others), but I’m only going to give you one way to stop being envious of successful people right now.

Here’s how:

Become successful.

*Scoff* “Become successful, really? No shit, Sherlock!” That was probably you’re reaction. That would’ve been my reaction to, don’t worry.

If you’re envious of a successful person it’s because you aren’t successful yet (career wise, at least). So, why is that? Why is it that you and your best friend started businesses the same year, but you’re still in your crap apartment, working on making your website prettier again, while she’s packing to move to New York City to find an office space?

What’s the difference between you and her? Why is she successful and why are you not?

Once again, there are copious answers to this, but I’m going to give you a major one. The reason that successful people are succeeding is because they kept going, and the reason unsuccessful people aren’t succeeding in because they didn’t.

I’m serious. It’s that simple.

Successful people choose to keep going, that’s why they succeed. While you’re over here trying to come up with a new way to promote on Instagram even though you only tried your last strategy for two weeks, your friend is still using the same one that hadn’t worked for her the first two months… until it did.

People who are unsuccessful quit too easily, too fast. They don’t let things take their course because they’re impatient.

They don’t keep going because they don’t understand that that’s where success begins, by just continuing to try. Like I said, it’s simple. There’s nothing to it. You just get up, and do the thing that you did yesterday all over again until you finally succeed with it.

It’s like forming a new habit. You don’t form a habit simply by doing the new thing after 10 days. It becomes a habit once you continue to do it. Eventually, it sticks, and you’ve forgotten all about the old habit.

If you want to succeed, you need to pick something and stick with it for a while. It might not work for a couple weeks, but that’s where patience comes in. That’s where you get to make the choice of whether you should keep going or not.

Your fate is in that choice. Successful people choose to keep going. They don’t quit because something doesn’t work as fast as they thought it would.

I hope you make the right decision.