The Differences Between Dating A Girl And Dating A Woman


1. A girl will expect to be pampered and treated like a princess at all times. A woman will expect to be treated with respect.

2. A girl wants to change a man. A woman accepts a man as he is.

3. In a fight, a girl seeks to be right, while a woman seeks to understand.

4. A girl needs you in her life. A woman wants you in her life.

5. A girl places herself and her wants first, always. A woman realizes that sometimes it is about her, and sometimes it’s about the other person in the relationship.

6. If a girl is upset, she will be passive-aggressive. If a woman is upset, she will tell you she is upset.

7. When a guy takes space, a girl will immediately pursue him (via text, calling, stalking). A woman lets a man take his space, and won’t hold it against him when he returns.

8. …But if he doesn’t return, a woman will move on. Period. A girl will continue to call or text, reminding him exactly what he “missed” out on.

9. A girl demands love. A woman shows love, and then opens the door to receive it.