The Earth Does Not Revolve Around The Sun


What’s up with this whole “Earth circles the Sun” thing?

It just doesn’t seem true to me.

When I stand still all day (often) the sun comes up on one side of me, rises up above me, and comes down the OTHER side of me.

I’m not moving!

The sun is doing all the work. It’s checking me out from every angle.

It’s doing a security scan to see if I’m ready to go to the other planets yet. Where the angels are.

Being completely rational: it’s moving in a circle and I’m standing still.

Everyone acts like, “oh, the Earth moves around the Sun. It’s obvious.”

Really? It doesn’t seem obvious to me.

Just because someone came up with a theory in the 1500s doesn’t mean I have to believe it. My life will be no better or worse.

Because if I continue standing still then the moon comes up on one side, goes above me, and then goes down. What’s the difference?

And you mean to tell me all those little dots of light at night are stars?

I think it’s a giant cape with holes that was thrown over the planet.

The light is still on the outside. Little holes so the aliens can spy on us.

We’re so much more interesting at night than during the day.

During the day we daydream of things we think we can’t have. We get bloated and sick and bored and scared and we lie so people can like us.

At night we KABOOM!

You know what I mean? The fear comes alive because it knows the sun is not watching.

KABOOM! The people behind the holes in the cape want to see lots of KABOOMS!

I am most happy when I know stuff from experience. From deep inside. Not the stuff I read in books.

Some of it is true. Some of it is false. Most of it is just entertainment.

But I know from experience that if I exert my muscles and it hurts and I feel like I want to give up then chances are my muscles will grow stronger.

If I’m afraid to lift a tiny bit more weight, then that’s the weight I need to lift.

I know that my comfort zone is very small. But the rest of the world is very big.

My comfort zone is like a 6×4 tent. A big rain will knock it over and often has.

If I can do ONE thing each day that I’m afraid of but I think will add value, then I know my comfort zone will grow. Bigger is better.

Like ask for something I’m afraid to ask for. Or do one thing that I know will make me healthier but seems unpleasant.

Or tell someone they upset me. Or take that daydream I once had and actually do it.

How do you get out of your comfort zone?

The first step is being grateful for the things that exist right outside of your comfort zone.

Abundance you think you can’t have. Love you think eludes you. Health you would like. Creativity you’re slightly afraid of.

Think of the ideas or people that linger right outside the zone.

Look outside the tent. See them? They want you to come out and play.

“Please,” they say. “Please play with me.” So close you can touch them.

But then I get dizzy and hot from that sun moving around me. Burning. Too bright. Sweating.

And it’s hard to take one more step. But this time I do, and I do again. And then before I know it, I’m moving forward.

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