The Eternal Power Of A Short-Lived Love


When we met, I could not look you in your eyes because I felt my soul infinitely captivated by your presence–no one has ever made me feel so weak-kneed. I put you under the impression that I was rude, but you didn’t understand the connection I felt. People say love at first sight is a requited experience; the day I met you I knew they were wrong and it was frightening. For weeks I tried to hide what I was feeling but you became mind consuming. I began to find any possible topic for discussion. Alas, a mutual feeling was formed.

In a few short months you became my best friend. You were nothing short of what I was looking for and we were willing to go anywhere with each other. One night we ended up at a beautiful setting and you asked, “Will you be my everything?” I responded, “Always.” Your admiration of me gave me strength to withstand and conquer anything. I didn’t think I would ever lose myself in anyone, but I did.

Who knew such a beautiful moment would become our downfall? Defining each other placed false expectations that weren’t apparent prior to that moment. I became a walking jealous parade and you quickly grew impatient. It wasn’t that I couldn’t trust you, I knew how lucky I was to have you–I knew just how special you were. I would be damned if anyone else got the opportunity to see it too. Yet we continued to try and fake what we had before for a few days. Suddenly our conversations went dim and I realized you weren’t willing to work on things. You didn’t see me as your everything and I rapidly became your nothing. It came out of no where and was only able to be understood by those who went through the same heart shaking “relationship.”

There I was, one of the broken-hearted girls I would mock for allowing someone to dictate their feelings for themselves. How did that happen to me? You were a complete stranger just months ago. Inside of me, there grew a bitter person and I learned what a destructive love was. I couldn’t stay away, and you couldn’t either. Our physical connectedness contained all the hope in the universe for us. But it was nothing; we were truly nothing. Something we both were so sure would last forever, was something we dropped so suddenly. There was no lesson to be learned, only one to live through.

Months later, I wish I had Taylor Swift’s record deal so I could write a song about you. There’s something so powerful and everlasting about a short-lived love. It’s something we should all experience because as much as we all need to feel a true love, we all need to feel an overpowering one. At the end of the day feelings can’t be altered but I know they will soon subside.