The Flowers Did Not Bear The Honey That You Are


you’re like sunshine in a glass bottle
and I wish to be trapped in between the gentle movement of your hips
but not until
I first
land softly in the right side of your heart
that is so built for loving

you love this world with a weight that is rare
it is not often I meet somebody equipped to love this world
and softer than I
you are the connectedness I could not find

the flowers did not bare the honey that you are
the sky did not bare the clouds that provide the shade that I need

you are the shelter from the wind that I wasn’t ready for
the warmth I seek
in hands I found by accident

but your fingers are cut off from a love that is not loving
and as I reach for you
I fall into the sweetness and knowingness of all that you are
yet I discover you here [for now]

I hope one day to kiss
the edge of each of your fingers and sink into you
sink into the broadness of your back
the softness in your chest
the pink of your tongue
to wake with the blonde of your hair on a pillow beside of me
make you a dark strong coffee
while you lay in white sheets
and seize the day with the joy you and I share in our bones and hearts and sparkling eyes
you feel like the green sea hitting my body after wandering parched
through the African desert
for weeks.