‘The Graffomat’ Graffiti Vending Machine Hoax (Or Not)



Last April, promo images and video of a graffiti supplies vending machine dubbed The Graffomat surfaced online. As the promo spots stated, the machines are intended to provide a service to vandals in need of supplies in the middle of the night — everything from spray paint, caps, and markers, to gloves and even ski masks. Many folks speculated whether the machine might be a hoax (i.e. among other things, the ski masks seem to be a red flag), which still remains unclear. Of course it would make no sense for any borough or township to allow the placement of a vending machine stocked with tools designed for the defacement of public/private property. But in the world of local commerce, stranger things have happened. Real or not, the latest video for The Graffomat, which is in the format of a nine-minute long infomercial, makes an entertaining case for the machine.