The Happiest Girls Are Not The Ones Who Are Trying To ‘Stay Single’


The happiest girls aren’t the ones who are vowing to stay single. The ones who think independence is synonymous with unattached. The ones who turn down every person who enters their life, because they believe they are better off alone and don’t even want to give love a chance.

The happiest girls aren’t the ones who are actively searching for a relationship either. The ones who end up hating themselves whenever a first date goes wrong. The ones who feel like shit whenever they crawl into bed alone, because they are desperate for another body to press against.

The happiest girls are the ones who are open to anything. The ones who work long hours and have fun with their friends on weekends, so they are never really focusing on the fact they are single. They aren’t really upset about it. But at the same time, if someone special entered their world, they wouldn’t turn that person down. They wouldn’t make up excuses to stay single. They would take a risk. They would give love a chance.

The happiest girls are open to falling love. Open to remaining a bachelorette. Open to living alone. Open to living with someone else. Open to anything and everything.

The happiest girls don’t try to control the uncontrollable pieces of their life. They go with the flow. If they meet someone who makes them smile, they don’t push them away out of instinct. On the other hand, if a relationship with someone isn’t working out, they don’t cling on because they are afraid of being alone.

The happiest girls are comfortable being single and comfortable in relationships, depending on the situation. Depending on whether someone worthwhile has entered their world or not.

The happiest girls are the ones who are perfectly happy existing on their own, but when they happen to hit it off with someone, they get that person’s number. They text back and forth. They meet for coffee. They get to know each other better to test if they are truly compatible.

They don’t let their fears or insecurities scare them away from the best relationship of their life. They don’t act as pessimists and assume the relationship is going to fall apart before giving it a real shot.

They are willing to give others a chance — but only when it is deserved. Only when there is a spark worth pursuing. Only when the other person has proven they won’t be a waste of time.

The happiest girls are the ones who don’t really care whether they are single or in a relationship, as long as they are happy, because marriage isn’t the end goal. Self-fulfillment is all they are looking to find.

The happiest girls are not the ones vowing to stay single because it’s easier that way — but they are not the ones actively searching for a relationship either. They are just seeing where the world takes them. They are keeping an open mind and an open heart.