The Happiest Humans Don’t Give A Damn About What You Think


The happiest humans understand they aren’t living to please the people around them. They realize everyone has a different definition of a successful life, so what will bring someone else joy might not bring them any satisfaction at all. They aren’t going to force themselves into a career or relationship that makes them uncomfortable, simply because it looks good on social media. They aren’t going to strive to create an existence that seems impressive on paper instead of living one that actually feels good for them.

The happiest humans follow their guts, not the trends. They don’t allow society to convince them they need to hit certain milestones in order to feel fulfilled. Instead of assuming the same things that make their friends happy will make them happy, they take the time to look deep inside themselves. They ask themselves intimate questions to discover what they secretly want. These people don’t want to mindlessly do what is expected of them without ever stopping to think about whether it’s the right path for them. They want to know they’re making the best decisions for themselves.

The happiest humans aren’t under the impression that popularity will solve all their problems. They understand validation will only make them feel better for a short while. The high is only temporary. That’s why they place more emphasis on impressing themselves, respecting themselves, and loving themselves than looking good for others. They know that, even though they might feel the urge to be accepted by others, the opinion that matters most of all is their own.

The happiest humans don’t give a damn what you think. They aren’t going to make decisions based on what would make their parents proud or their peers jealous. Although they hope to get along with everyone and be accepted overall, they aren’t going to spend too much time worrying about what others will think of their individual decisions.  They understand it isn’t selfish to follow their heart. It’s necessary to treat themselves as a priority if they’re going to find true, unfiltered happiness.

The happiest humans understand there are going to be people who don’t understand them. There are going to be people who look down on them. There are going to be people who believe they know better. However, the happiest humans are confident enough to know their worst critics are wrong. They are perfectly capable of making their own decisions, and despite what others believe, they are doing pretty damn well for themselves. They are proud of how far they’ve come.

The happiest humans aren’t heartless. They aren’t immune to mean comments and nasty looks. There are still going to be moments when they feel like everyone is judging them and they wish they would just fit in. However, they try hard to snap themselves out of that mindset. They constantly remind themselves that it doesn’t matter what the rest of the world thinks of them. It only matters whether they’re happy, and whether they’re being the best human they can be.