The Heartbreaking Truth About Loneliness


“What does being alone feel like?”

It’s more than just going out without the company of anyone – like shopping, going to the grocery store, chilling at a coffee shop, buying supplies at the bookstore, watching Netflix alone, and having no one to mention in the funny memes you see on Facebook.

Being alone is feeling incredibly exultant but has no one to share it with,

it’s seeing that couple or group of friends laughing with each other and can’t help but feel envious, then you’ll just smile because you’re happy for them,

it’s watching old videos and rereading old conversations you had with the people you thought would stay with you forever,

it’s crying yourself to sleep at night with all the miserable things going on in your life but there’s no one to comfort you,

it’s overthinking things but there’s no one to calm your storms and uncertainties,

it’s wanting to give up, but there’s no one who cares enough to stop you –

it’s the utter loneliness that you can never put into words;

having a void in your heart – so deep that you have no idea if ‘joy’ would ever resurface.

Being alone is the same as any other pain – tragic, devastating, and heartbreaking.

It’s more than just a state of mind, it’s literally feeling that you have no one there beside you, to share anything with you, and to make you feel that you’re not the only person in this world.

Others deem that you should go meet other people, go outside, and take on adventures so you can find new friends but they just have no idea how relationships isn’t ignited just like that.

Being connected with someone because both of you truly banded together, is something that doesn’t happen regularly – actually, it rarely does.

And what they don’t understand is that you feel alone because, in reality, you don’t think no one can understand you now and no one has paid enough attention to even know you need their presence.

Exactly – presence.

One feels alone because the people they thought would stay are not anywhere; their presence is needed but they are nowhere in sight.

One feels alone because he thinks his presence is also not needed – the reason why people decided to leave him on his own.

It’s a melancholic feeling – loneliness; because through this, you’ll think you’d never ever find happiness anymore.