The Heartbreaking Truth About Loving Someone Who Doesn’t Love Themselves


To say a breakup is difficult has undeniably further more to it than that. It is the single most painful thing. It is loss.

Way back then, love to me, was a new way of life. Seeing beauty in a girl that couldn’t, was the start.

I had never felt love before. The way I had, I am convinced others, even in relationships, won’t have the way I did! It is powerful beyond measure, but can come not without all greatness.

Love was amazing until things started to go wrong. In my story, things happened that couldn’t, but stay the same. They couldn’t be fixed and although not my fault, created a situation for me that wasn’t at all nice. I was the middle.

In my story, I was with someone who struggled with herself and as much as I tried to make her see, nothing could.

In my story, I was helping someone who wasn’t giving me as much.

I tried extremely hard with the relationship and it can only possibly be known to oneself. In the end it couldn’t work. So love left me with no longer anyone I have a real connection with and I just hope no one feels this way.

Love can be all things. If there is an end to it, then it is lonely, isolating, and boring.

Heartbreak is exactly as it appears. Your heart is broken and this leaves it impossible to love anybody else. Healing is a necessity and something I’ve learnt you mightn’t know how.

So my words to love are these, I don’t regret you. Please lighten my life once more when you think I’m ready.

I strongly believe that the way I feel is a testament to the love that I gave.

Writing with a damaged heart.