The Heartbreaking Truth About Why Forever Friendships End


There is more to a broken friendship than just not talking or reaching out to each other anymore. I wish it were that easy. But no, it takes time; time to let them go and time to move on.

There are all kinds of pain, and one of the painful feelings is the unpredictable bond between friends that sometimes breaks after years of friendship. It’s then that all the memories you shared with each other either make you feel sad and miss them, or make you regret all the times that you trusted them.

It hurts carrying the heavy burden in your heart knowing on one or more instances that your “friends” have the guts to talk shit behind your back. How they managed to have the nerve to fuck with your trust that you built for them.

There are only two possible reasons why friendships die: it’s either you became toxic to them or they’ve been toxic to you.

Personally, I love my friends (the real ones, of course). They’re like the brothers or sisters I never had. But sometimes, you trust the wrong people and trusting the wrong people too much only puts you in a circle of backstabbing, unworthy, and dishonest people.

You know what hurts when you gave your all to them, trusted them, cared for them, and loved them? Backstabbing and lying. We were friends, more like sisters, but look where it led us.

I don’t care how others backstab me, I don’t care how others can lie to me, I don’t care if others compete with me. I care about you, I mean, I only cared about you, honestly.

The anger that I felt within me is too much. I kept questioning myself and everything.

How did this happen? How did we all end up like this? Why?

Why you?

But here’s the truth about everything that I’ve been through: I’ve learned that friendship should be between people who genuinely care and love each other. Friendship is more than about the gossiping, the sleepovers, and the parties. Friendship is understanding, giving, caring, and loving. Friendship is about trust and honesty.

I finally let go of the people I once loved and cared for. I finally cut them out of my life and it’s one of the best feelings I have ever felt. Letting go of those toxic people in my life was the best decision ever. Don’t let them weigh you down, or make you feel that you could be less loved. Don’t let them feel that they can drag you down with their foul words and beastly attitude.

Goodbye, so-called friends.

So here’s to the real friends who stood by me and still love me as whatever and whoever I am. I am forever grateful for all the times that I can count on you. I am more than happy to have you in my life. To have real friends like you, it is a gift from God and I intend to take care of it. I am always here for you and you can always have my back. You’re such a wonderful blessing.

You know who you are.