The Heroin Epidemic


Imagine going through the hardest struggle of your life. Now imagine that same situation without any family or friends to help you and the entire general public looking at you like you are a horrible person with absolutely no hope.

Imagine you’re in the deepest, darkest place that your mind can reach and the only people you can turn to are right alongside you in this deadly mindset.

This is exactly the place that we have forced people into, when they’re battling heroin addiction. When a person decides to use heroin, their sense of self-worth is already at an all-time low. Looking down and passing judgment on these people is doing nothing to help and is just perpetuating the already overwhelming sense of self-loathing that they already inherently feel.

As with most adversity in this world, if you are not part of the solution, then you are part of the problem. It helps nobody by pretending that you believe someone when they lie and tell you they are not using drugs. The issue needs to be addressed and discussed. In no way am I saying that you should enable their drug use. I am saying that we need to let them know that we as a family, friend or neighbor will do whatever we can to help them get past this and that when they finally do, we will still be there for them.

Nobody grew up saying they wanted to be a heroin addict. Sometimes the world gives you a situation and you feel like you are not strong enough to handle, this is a situation that nobody should have to handle alone.