The Hilarious Poem This Wife Texted Her Husband Officially Won Valentine’s Day


Well, it’s finally over! The most commercially-driven fake holiday of the year has finally passed — and thank the Lord almighty.

But, to circle back for a minute, this Valentine’s Day had a very clear winner. It was the wife who came up with this stupidly hilarious poem for her husband.

Husband  posted the exchange online to share with everyone else — who also got a kick out of it. It starts when  tries to text his wife a good morning poem for Valentine’s Day, but kinda fails:

Poetry is hard, ya’ll.

But then his wife comes back with a mic-dropping rebuttal:

This is the love I want in my life.

Not only did she find something that rhymed with “purple” (solving an age-old problem), she also did it in a downright adorable way.

Maybe next year I’ll have a Valentine!