The Internet Is Flipping Out Because Someone Called Louis Tomlinson Ugly


The great and mighty One Direction fandom has been roused, and they have rallied to come to the defense of their slighted hero, Louis Tomlinson under the hashtag #RespectLouis.

Okay, what exactly is going on here?

An old article from The Richest claimed that Louis Tomlinson was “the ugly one” in One Direction, saying:

Every boy band member has a title; the ugly one, the one with the deep voice, the heart throb and if they are lucky; the neutral. One Direction band member Louis Tomlinson is unfortunately, the ugly one. However, he could now pass as the neutral since Zayn Malik is gone. Tomlinson has that thing going on that most British men have; he has a few cute features but for the most part he is not good looking. Chances are at the 1D concerts, he has the least amount of fan girl signs. He kind of has this whole rat face thing happening that makes you question if it is cute or not.

The article was posted last June, but was just recently found by some in the fandom. It was written by “Kaye L,” who has penned other gems such as the “10 Most Common Lies Women Tell Their Boyfriends:”

Kaye L doesn’t have any contact information or social media in her bylines, which might be for the best while the militant 1D fandom continues their Twitter demonstration.

Even commenters on the original article itself thought it was pretty negative and horrendous.

With over 100k tweets about the subject and counting, One Directioners are definitely getting one message across — #RespectLouis.