The Internet Is Sexist


Do you want a simple example of why we need feminism? The Kansas National Organization for Women smartly pointed it out this week. Go to your Google browser and type in “women” followed by various verbs and phrases. See what you come up with.

When your dear author did so, here’s what Uncle Nico found. On the plus side, at least the internet remembers who Dave Chappelle is.

“Women want _________.”

1. Women want money.

2. Women want to be dominated.

3. Women want(ing) men.

“Women are all _________.”

1. Women are all crazy.

2. Women are all liars.

3. Women are all about money.

4. Women are all the same.

“Women can’t _________.”

1. Women can’t vote.

2. Women can’t drive.

3. Women can’t do pull ups.

4. Women can’t have it all.

“Women cannot ________.”

1. Women cannot speak in church.

2. Women cannot teach men.

“Women should _________.”

1. Women should be slaves.

2. Women should be seen and not heard.

“Women should not _________.”

1. Women should not have rights.

2. Women should not be in the military.

“Women need __________.”

1. Women need attention.

2. Women need men.

3. Women need security.

4. Women need to be dominated.

5. Women need to know their place.

“Women hate __________.”

1. Women hate other women.

2. Women hater.

3. Women hate me.

4. Women hate nice guys.

“Women will __________.”

1. Women will marry your boyfriends.

2. Women will ruin your life.

3. Women will never be equal to men.

“Women keep _________.”

1. Women keep silent.

2. Women keep your virtue.

3. Women keep rejecting me.

“Women try __________.”

1. Women try to control men.

2. Women try to make men jealous.

3. Women try to change men.

“Women be __________.”

1. Women be shopping.

2. Women behind bars.

3. Women belong in the kitchen.

“Women aren’t __________.”

1. Women aren’t funny.

2. Women aren’t women anymore.

“Women are a __________.”

1. Women are a waste of time.

2. Women are a distraction.

3. Women are a mystery.

“I want women to __________.”

1. I want women to dress modestly.

2. I want women to cry and pour their heart out for me.

“I think women should __________.”

1. I think women should stay home.

2. I think women should serve men. 

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