This Is The Beauty You Can Find Even In Temporary People


There will be important people who’ll walk out of your life, and it’s going to suck. But not everyone you meet is meant to stay in the first place.

Some people are meant to be in your life, for a year or just for the summer. In that specific amount of time, they’ll make you laugh. You’re going to have many inside jokes only the both of you will understand. There will be songs only both of you enjoy or movies that remind you of each other.

They might stay in your life for a year, or 5. But keep in mind : it will come to an end. There will be a time where you’ll just wake up and they’re gone. Maybe not physically, but they will have no space in your heart. Or maybe, you won’t have any space in theirs.

Though this may seem like a tragedy, it doesn’t have to be.

For the first few months, it will hurt. You will be angry and you might even cry at night. You’ll say you hate them and that you don’t care. But you do. You do care. And although you hate to admit it, you still love them.

I know that feeling. When you’re scrolling through Netflix and click that movie, the movie both of you watched together over and over. You change it so quick, trying to suppress the memories. It hurts, doesn’t it?

I know that feeling. When you’re looking through old photos then you see that face and as much as you try to keep yourself from smiling, you can’t. You love that person in the photograph. You love that memory. You miss that temporary person.

I know that feeling. When you listen to a new song and think “oh she would have loved this.” When you’re about to press send then realize : “she’s not in my life anymore.”

I know that feeling. When you meet someone new and can’t help but to see her in every fucking person you meet. Then you realize, no one can compare to what you guys had.

I know that feeling. I know the feeling of pain and betrayal.

But I also know the feeling of getting over it. And let me tell you, patience is so bitter but the aftertaste is so goddamn sweet.

When you do get over it, everything will feel lighter. Sad songs will just be songs. Your favorite movies will stay your favorite, and will no longer be associated with her. You can now look at old photos and feel nothing.

When you see her in the hallways, you can smile at her for the first time in months. You’ll see her and you won’t miss her. Seeing her won’t make you sad, nor will it make you angry.

You must also learn to understand that not all friendships are meant to be “saved”. Not all failed friendships are “broken.” Think of your friendships as a clock. Once it stops working, what do you do? You don’t throw the whole thing out. You change the batteries, and start over.

That’s why there is no point in hating someone who was once a big part of your life. They could have been your friend or a lover, however you can’t deny that they gave you something worth it no matter how small.

So the next time someone asks you if you know each other, you can now smile, be at peace and say, “I used to.”