The Kind Of Boy Who Will Break Your Heart Before You See It Coming


He won’t wait until midnight to text you like the other fuckboys. He will text you first thing in the morning, making you think that you’re the first thing on his mind when he wakes up, making you think that he cares about you in the same way that you care about him. He will send the cutest messages about how much he misses you and will add heart emojis to the end of sentences. He will make you feel loved for the first time in a long time.

He won’t compliment your legs and ass, making it obvious the only thing he’s interested in is sex. He will compliment you on how funny you are, on how intelligent you are, on how much he loves spending time with you. He will make you feel like he likes you for more than your body, because your conversations will consist of more than dirty jokes and hidden innuendos. You will talk about your childhoods. About your careers. About your hopes and desires. You will swap secrets that you’re usually hesitant to tell anyone other than your closest friends.

He won’t hide you away in his apartment when he wants to hang out with you. He will introduce you to his family. He will invite you out with his friends. He will post on your social media where everyone can see. He will offer to pay when he takes you to restaurants. He will act like your boyfriend without the official title.

He won’t make excuses about how he is too busy to see you, he won’t make you feel like a second choice or a backup plan. He will actually set aside time to hang out with you. He will drive over to your place. He will plan out what you’re going to do together. He will put in the effort.

He won’t flirt with other girls in front of you. He won’t stare at his phone while you’re in the middle of talking. He will act like you are the only one in the room. If someone else is too touchy with him, he will shut it down. He will make sure you feel comfortable. He will make sure you trust him.

He won’t treat you like a friend or a casual hookup. He will lend you his jacket when you’re cold. He will walk you to your car when it’s dark out. He will hold your hand when you’re tipsy. He will surprise you with little presents just because. He will dance with you. He will cuddle with you. He will kiss you. He will always have his hands on you.

He won’t send any mixed signals. It will seem like he is crazy about you. Like it’s only a matter of time until your real relationship begins. And then one day, when you least expect it, he will decide to walk away. His texts will stop. His flirting will end. He will be gone.

And you will be so fucking confused because every little thing he did made you believe he had strong feelings for you too.