The Kind Of Love No One Deserves


The thing with unrequited love, the fire never gets to meet with the cold water. Day by day, we look forward to new adventures we can have. The ones we can share and enjoy with only one. People may be watching, but they would never know. Because the best thing about two people sharing the kind of love like this, they are great pretenders.

So let me ask you – why do you choose someone who you clearly know you would not have a chance with? Answer is simple. It satisfies you. The feeling you get when your eyes meet his. The gaze that he is giving you at that very moment, you would not be able to forget. The way he brushes his hair, you cannot get out of your mind. It is really simple. He does normal things that are special to you. No one would ever understand.

Fire is not only, triggered by one. It usually comes in pair. They say it is not right to call it unrequited, one-sided love. Let us leave it that way for people to wonder. But for those people involved, it works differently.

One minute with him is like a thousand days equal of him being so far away. One touch of his hand against your skin means he wants you more than you would ever know. He never tells you. He never did.

Stupid, isn’t it? That you got the choice to leave this kind of relationship, but you still chose to stay. I understand, you can actually compare it with adrenaline rush. Always. Maybe this kind of fire does not need cold water at all. Maybe it needs more of a breath of fresh air. Would it not be just strengthened? Because I think most of the people around you are aiming to put a stop on it. That’s what you would say, that’s what other people would say. But I think you got it wrong.

The fire between two people is just inside of them. No one sees. It stays there. So no one pours cold water in it, cause they cannot see. If you let a fire become bigger, people would stare. People would care.

That’s also one thing that someone in this kind of relationship always takes care of. If the fire starts to grow bigger, one would voluntarily go away. Remember, it takes two to create ignition. They know how to take care of it. They know when to start and when to stop. It never gets ugly, until one finally decided to turn it off.

The bad thing is that almost relationships always end up like this – if someone suddenly gets out from the ring of fire — it means the other one left is still burning.

Burning from the desires, attention, and imagination that they both made together. That’s when also the time usually one who’s left burning continues to set things on fire.

Everything she will touch will be burned. Not even cold water spilled on her can stop her. The only thing that can calm her down is when someone, burning with the same fire, decided to hold her. Touch her. Get real deep inside her. That’s the only time everything will finally be settled, again.

We don’t know. People wouldn’t know. Maybe it is also the same kind of love that we always end up, but it can also be a different kind of love that we hope for every single day. We always wish it was the latter, but we always let ourselves be in the same place. Same act. Running after the kind of love no one deserves.