The Life Of A Parent During Coronavirus — Finding Strength


Our Time to Find Strength

Rather than giving in to extreme fear and panic, this is your time as a parent to find strength. It’s a test of all of our character, but we need to be strong for ourselves first so we can in turn be strong for our children. It’s perfectly OK to be vulnerable, so give yourself some grace. Our children are looking for answers, but it’s OK if we don’t have them. There’s so much unknown.


Read positive, nurturing and uplifting literature. Engage in stimulating conversations with your spouse and children and tell stories that bring laughter and hope.


Don’t neglect exercise. You can go for a walk in your neighborhood, or do some pushups and crunches in the privacy of your home. Don’t underestimate how important it is to your overall well being. We’ve taken several walks together as a family with our dog. Exercise on your own or share this time with your family.


Lead with empathy. Show compassion and kindness to one another. We’re all going to be dealing with some major cabin fever soon. By practicing self-care, first for yourself, you’re able to be the parent you need to be for your children


Meditation, prayer and quiet time when you can find it is key right now. As much as the time you share together with your loved ones is important, it’s equally important for you to pull back and recharge so you can be a great parent. Center yourself and see things in the big picture. Fear begins in your mind. You can control your thoughts. Think in a positive, compassionate way.

Presence is Key

It’s OK to admit you feel a little bit scared — this doesn’t mean you’re not being strong. Don’t beat yourself up about needing some extra time during the day to relax and collect your thoughts. We’re facing a pandemic unlike any we’ve ever seen.

This article was originally published on PS I Love You. Relationships Now.