The Light Side Of Death


For centuries, we have been taught that death is something to be feared. It is the darkness, the end, the final curtain of life, and like everything else in life, there are two contrasting sides. There are many cultures that believe in the light of death, meaning they see the illumination and without fear they understand that death is another stage of life. I think about death, not from a place of fear, but from a place of curiosity. Do we, as energy-beings, really die? When our physical bodies stop functioning, is it really the end of our time here on Earth?

The deeper I dive into this subject, the more I believe that the answer to those questions is no. As I listen to my heart, I feel an inner knowing that we are infinite beings and our time on Earth is but a moment in our entire journey. Through the study of epigenetics and the Quantum Sciences, we have learned that all living things are made up of energy molecules and that energy is infinite. If we are infinite beings and we do live forever, then it makes sense to me that the true essence of who we are never actually dies. It is for this reason I do not fear death and I experience the loss of the people I love differently than most. I can still see them when they are gone, I can still feel them after they pass, and I can still hear them when they are near.

I used to think there was something wrong with me because I didn’t react to death like others. When I was younger, I pretended to be deeply mournful to fit in so I didn’t stand out as different. As I got older, I allowed my differences to show, and I was seen as cold or unfeeling. The deeper I dive into this subject, the more I realize that there is nothing wrong with me or my view; in fact, I find it enlightening, empowering, and exciting! It is a gift that I have to share with others who are trapped within the pain and suffering on the dark side of death.

I do feel sadness when I hear of someone passing, and then my mind goes straight to celebration. Within my experience of death, I celebrate who they were while they were living among us, and I let them know that they still matter. It is the only way I know how to be when it comes to dealing with this loss.

In my world, I live among the living, both those who are physically here and those who are not. What I have come to understand is once I adjusted the way I relate, I am free to experience both without deep despair or the longer lasting painful feeling of loss and for this I am grateful. My heart is full of love from those who no longer walk this Earth but are still present in another form.