The Little Things That Make Me Believe In Something Bigger


I don’t believe in anything, but I believe in everything. I’m not overly concerned with what religion anyone subscribes to; most of it makes no sense to me. What does make sense is knowing there is something greater; something greater than yourself, something greater than our bad moments, and something greater that what we think we are sure of. I know this because I see it daily, and more importantly, I feel it.

I feel it amidst the chaos that happens in our world. I feel it amidst the heartache, racism, anger, sadness, and hatred. I feel it when I, personally, lose someone close to me, or when someone I know is in pain. As heavy as life can get, there is light in everything, but it takes a trained eye to see it. And I chose to train myself not long ago, because the world can be an ugly place otherwise.

I see when I go for long walks in the evening and notice the bright green hues of the trees that surround me, or the unique shade of pink of the new flowers peeking through. I see it when I read the sign held up by the homeless man at the corner near my home- full of humor, asking for nothing in return but a smile. I see it in the eyes of young couples, twinkling with excitement and optimism, with a tinge of nervousness and uncertainty. And in the actions of elderly couples, giving each other back rubs while in the checkout line at the grocery store.

I see it at every sunrise and sunset that I’m lucky enough to witness, and every time I swim in an ocean and stare out into infinity. I feel it when I’m with my parents and we laugh painfully hard at things that others wouldn’t quite understand.

I feel it when I arrive in a new city, ready to be explored, full of possibility. I feel it when I sit in a room surrounded by friends who choose to spend their time this way, time and again. And when I sing along obnoxiously and loudly to songs with my girlfriends; songs that we somehow never get sick of. I feel it at every encounter with a friendly stranger, every home-made meal, and every compliment I give and receive.

The world is a scary place, and knowing what to believe in is even scarier at times. But as terrifying and lonely as things might seem, there is more beauty than people choose to see. Around every corner, surrounding every encounter, and between every moment, there is beauty. You just need to take a moment to find it, and hold on to it until the next.