The Loves That Destroy Us Are Here To Help Us Love Again


There are a few conversations we have in life, and truly we may only get a few, where someone shows us who we are, what we’re made of, what we’re meant for, and it’s their accuracy that splits us open, that creates a gateway for the light we’ve been hoarding to begin flowing out.

I wonder now if those who see us, as we are and as we can be, don’t split us open and then leave us for reasons grand and pure.

Could we have called them into our lives?

Did we fall asleep together for reasons more spiritual than they were sensual?

Do we take the chance on certain partners, sensing that if it’s going to be anyone it will be them who hears us, who is awake to our dreams, who is listening as our tired voice yearns for help?

Do they know, before even we do, that heartbreak and devastation is the very thing that will get us fighting for our own greatness again?

I wonder if the loves which destroy us and the conversations that stretch us aren’t really here to shock us back into life, into all our vibrant potential, into all we were beginning to give up on.

Maybe the partners that run, want us running too.

Maybe they want to see us after something.

Maybe they want to see us thrive.

And maybe we need to get left behind, so we can see all we still have to strive toward as well.

Maybe it’s not enough to just be rosy-eyed and hopeful. Maybe it takes the humility that comes with heartbreak to get us hungry for our own great love again.