The Moment When Love Clicks


There is a moment.

Of course there are infinite moments, but there is one particular kind that is especially difficult to pinpoint once it has passed. It is the moment when love clicks. It’s hard to pinpoint simply because the sensation it renders quickly leaks and spreads into the moments to follow, whether that be days, months, or years. In that instant, love is all you know and that clarity is all you need. But as time goes on, love may resurface with new rationale or grow in new and unexpected ways, so how could one possibly remember when love initially clicked?

It might be the moment when they remind you about a piece of yourself that you’d buried deep for some time, and it resurfaces because they recognize it as beautiful. It might be the moment when they make you laugh so hard that you taste the salt of your tears and glance at them with blurry overflowing eyes. It might be the moment they surprise you.

It is definitely the moment when the person you are staring at means more to you than you could or should have ever realistically anticipated. It is usually a moment when your heart feels like a hummingbird that is trapped in your ribcage because the words “I love you” are tearing around somewhere deep in your abdominal cavity, begging to be released from within. It is probably the moment when you realize that you want to, or rather, need to be better because this person exists in your world.

It is the moment that startles you because you are sure.

And it might seem easy for some to recall, but perhaps those people are missing the fact that love creeps up on us like thunderstorms in the Northwest. We recognize the rain until suddenly, there is thunder and lightning – and it is so much more than we could ever have forecasted.

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