The Most Beautiful Rainbows Come After The Worst Storms


You can do this.

You can finish whatever it is that you are struggling to start or have already started.

You are just as good as anyone else, and you don’t need to think of yourself as any less.

You don’t have to give a crap about what anyone else thinks.

You will finish this program—even if it’s tough, even if you think you aren’t good enough for it—you can do it.

You will graduate and get to walk across that stage. The stage that you may have missed in high school.

You will get to toss that graduation cap up high in the air and celebrate.

You will get to call that day yours, because you will have deserved it.

You will get to travel with your BFF and go on amazing adventures.

You will one day find yourself to have become a grown, smart, and independent individual, and it is that day that you won’t find yourself so alone and helpless.

You will get to leave school with a career and realize that every bad day and painstaking night was worth it.

You will get there.

You will find the job of your dreams.

You will wake up every day loving your life and being grateful for everything and everyone that’s happened you.

Maybe not today, but one day.

You will find the love of your life when you least expect it.

You will find the person who takes your breath away, who will love you and be beside you forever.

You will get to buy a house and decorate the kitchen however you want to.

You will get to have a house full of kids, or pets, whichever you want—or both.

You will get all that and much more because you will find solutions to life and its problems as they come.

You will get past it.

The good will come.

But for now, remember that it’s easiest to quit when we’re almost there without knowing it. So ask yourself: Do you want to quit now and miss out on something amazing that’s right around the corner? Or do you want to keep pushing, eventually get there, and be glad that you didn’t give up?

Lastly, remember that the most beautiful rainbows are created after the worst of storms. And in order to be there after the storm to see the rainbow, you gotta stay standing—you gotta face the storms.