The Most Brutal Lie We Ever Told


We were late night phone calls and ice creams on the beach. We were everything that screamed cliches even though we were both cynics we finally believed we were both happy. Right down to the soft kisses stolen on the porch, we were loves soft fantasy. So what went wrong, my darling. What did we do that turned against us? Did we dream too loudly? Was it our own cynicism that betrayed us?

Maybe the world isn’t a place for a fairytale kind of romance and that is where we went wrong. We have promised each other honesty but we relied on our love to always be a soothing song. The truth is love gets hard. People are too flawed to build perfect things. We put each other on the kind of pedestal that made us conveniently forget pedestals are for stone statues and not human beings.

Where once if a beautiful woman walked by, your head would not turn, it now started to. Where I would not overreact and be the cool girl, I became a screaming mess I resented too. So we found ourselves beginning to tear each other down, to create cracks in a love that we once considered perfect. The late night phone calls went from daily to weekly to non existent. Kisses became withdrawn, became quick pecks on the cheek. The “I love yous” went from softly uttered words to monotonous and robotic.

It was slow, this cancer that grew within our love. It took the pure thing we planted and rotted it from the very roots of what it was. Soon there was nothing left, not a single sweet fruit for us to eat. There was nothing left of that perfect love, nothing left in this for you or for me.

It’s hard to believe how quickly something like this could fall apart.

The worst lie we ever told each other was promising the other forever, only to watch the lie destroy the other’s heart.