The Most Common Hints That You’re An Empath At Heart



Are you an Empath? How can you tell? Although every empath is different, there are some experiences that are fairly common amongst Empaths.

I’ve worked with thousands of Empaths over the years and this is usually what keeps coming up…

You’re unusually good at guessing other people’s feelings.

And by guessing I mean that you actually know exactly how they feel but you don’t always say that because it sounds too weird.

You come back exhausted from crowded venues (like a shopping mall or parties).

This doesn’t mean you don’t “like” people, or shopping. But it can have a weird effect on you where you feel overwhelmed while you’re there and tired when you get home. Yay for naps!

When they feel crappy, people easily spill their guts to you, even strangers.

You find yourself involved in a lot of conversations about other people’s private struggles. They tell you you’re a good listener and they feel like they’ve know you for a long time, even though you just met… but beware, are they dumping their emotional garbage on you?

You feel heavy or dirty when you have to touch a lot of people.

This is tricky for clerks, salespeople and dental hygienist. I’m kidding, I mean any kind of health professional! Eye contact and touch is a common trigger for Empaths.

You need some alone time where you can recharge.

That doesn’t mean you’re anti-social. You can totally love people but need breaks too. Being alone means you’re not constantly emotional stimulated by others and it’s easier to truly relax.

You’ve been called overly sensitive.

Isn’t that annoying?! The people who told you that were definitely NOT Empaths! Your sensitivity brings a profound emotional depth to your life. And yes, it means you may have to do things differently than other people to accommodate for your own emotions. But there’s nothing wrong with that.

Being in nature soothes you and calms you down.

Trees and water are nice because they don’t get angry or depressed. When you’re in nature, it’s an ocean of emotional calm that is not accessible when you’re soaking in people. Trees also provide a great buffer against the waves you might otherwise pick up from other humans.

You sponge up other people’s mood.

If your partner is upset, you feel upset too. The worst thing is when you still crappy long after they have moved on! It’s like their emotions are sticking to you. UGH!

If this sounds like you, not necessarily all of it but a LOT of it, take a look at my resource page for Empaths where you can find the Empath Survival program and my tips for Impaired Empaths.

Last but not least, make sure that you get SUPPORT. I personally recommend the Empath Community which is a thriving web site for Empaths.

You can ask questions about your experiences, discuss how to best manage your skills and connect with people who genuinely want to help you thrive as an Empath.

Being an Empath is not a “one size fits all”. You are unique in how you relate to your ability to feel other people’s emotions. But we all tend to have the same concerns about how to become a Balanced Empath and find a way to express our Empath sensitivity as part of our life purpose.