The Most Important Album Of 2014 Didn’t Even COME OUT In 2014


It’s been over a year since Kanye West delivered “YEEZUS” to the world, but the polarizing project is still picking up steam.

A sound born of “frustration” will not only be known for its brazen sonic impact, but also for its cries for social change in a world which desperately needs it. Though Mr. West’s rants and wild moments of the past have given his rhetoric a negative connotation amongst many members of the populous, he may have been right all along and the world is just now catching up to the ideas he was trying to get across. Those ideas being not only of cultural impact, but sonic as well.

New slavery: an idea worth looking over again.

The release of “NEW SLAVES” begins the public’s access to what YEEZUS would ultimately be. The guerilla-style marketing blasting projections of Kanye’s face onto the side of building at not-so-secret locations told the world that this was going to be something we hadn’t seen before. Aside from the propagandist approach, the content was unexpected, yet really really on point. The idea being given was that we are not in a land of the free at all. Our monetary and credit system has now limited us to certain lifestyles due to the fact that all these things we enjoy are controlled by a small group of people who own multi-billion dollar companies. Be it cliché, corny, or played out, it is a constant: in this world, money is power.
Oh, and since this is America, we split our money up like this…




…floating around the bottom of the metaphorical pyramid (HARVARD STUDY)

West also touched on the privately owned prison system in America, which has been referred to as “The New Jim Crow.” The US houses more prisoners than any other country in the world, 40% of them being African-American. Yet, much of the lyrical content from this project didn’t resonate with Kanye’s regular followers. Were the issues too real? There definitely can’t be a debate that the way he delivered his messages wasn’t absolute emotion being captured, so the argument of not liking this “flow” becomes irrelevant. There is an actual racial under-caste in America, people. This is talk and promotion of positive cultural change.

It may not be an attempt to prepare people for a revolution and for the new world order to begin its reign, but if nothing else, it’s an absolute reminder that a scenario of the sort is an absolute possibility. We are raised in the land of the free, but the citizens fight for those freedoms amongst themselves, and the only way to win the battle is to get enough paper to get the fuck away from it all.

There will always be the groups of people that don’t connect to the messages relayed in Yeezus, and to them there is only one question to ask…

Y`all eat pieces of shit for breakfast?

But realistically, what was the last piece of art that really challenged the status quo? People lost their minds when The Beatles came out, but that’s only because those guys all had shitty haircuts. Even then, their sounds and content had an entire generation scared shitless.

To those who don’t vibe with the musical production and sonic element, class is in session.

On the naysaying casual listener’s behalf, maybe the production was a little different. Old school Kanye stans who thirst for the throwback chipmunked soul-samples, you won’t find much of that here. These sounds were about moving forward, just as his messages do.

Those who complained about the ‘electronic’ sound must not have been paying attention to everything he did during “Cruel Summer.” However, it did become a much deeper experience in that sense, and this is where the music took a huge leap forward, probably a solid year or two too far. Young EDM heads glow for the futuristic synths and pounding 808s brought forth by the younger GOOD producers like HudMo, Evian Christ, Travi$ Scott, etc.

To date, EDM and hip-hop artists still collaborate with great frequency and there doesn’t seem to be any slowing in that sound.

Kanye brought black and white music together again amidst a continuing music evolution. Jim Morrison was recorded predicting the future of music to be a combination of black and white music, with probably one guy behind some sort of machine. Rock n Roll vs. Black music in the early 80s made for some extreme racial tensions. Aerosmith & RUN-DMC made a song together and kicked those doors down, Kanye’s doing it all over again by himself in a time-period that needs yet another reminder, we are all here together.

It is the information highway, and every member of this generation will take a ride. This time era has afforded the masses with a choice, and this may be the only man with mass influence promoting true freedom.

The intent of what YEEZUS was/is/will be concreted into the minds of those who paid attention. To the rest of you…

Will it be looked at as the soundtrack to the illuminati?

Will it be remembered as Kanye’s techno project?

Will it be that time Kanye was really being a huge asshole?

Fuck every question you askin’.

Just know Kanye left us possibly his most innovative, yet classic piece of music/art with the intentions of bringing nothing but positivity, awareness, and yet another way to feel free in expressing emotion.