The Most Irritating Types Of Co-Workers (And How To Deal With Them)


Co-workers can make or break a job. Great co-workers can make you smile every day, while annoying co-workers can make you want to quit your job.

If you’ve spent a few years working full-time or part-time, you may have already encountered a few irritating co-workers. From constant complainers to people who love to gossip, there are lots of ways to make the office environment unpleasant.

Here are 6 of the most annoying co-workers to work with.

1. The Person Who Won’t Leave You Alone

The person who won’t leave you alone is always in your cubicle, invading your personal space. They tell you that they have just popped in for a quick chat, but normally they stay for as long as possible. You will say that you need to get back to work, and they smile and continue talking. You feel frustrated that you can’t accomplish anything while they are around, but they seem totally oblivious.

If you want to deal with this person, the best method is to simply say “I’d love to talk, but I have work I have to focus on right now. Maybe we can catch up at lunch.” If they continue to talk, repeat your point.

2. The Pseudo Boss

The pseudo boss isn’t above you in the office, but they like to imagine that they are. Even though they do the same job as you, they love to undermine your ideas during team meetings. They also try to delegate their own work to you, even though you already have your own projects to work on.

The best way to deal with a pseudo boss is to stand up to them. Next time they imply that they are above you, call them on it without being rude. Try saying “I appreciate your concern, but I haven’t been told to do that by a manager. I’ll wait until they ask.” If this doesn’t work, you may need to speak to HR.

3. The Gossiper

The gossiper likes to know everyone’s business in the office, and they love to share the information with everyone else. Often the gossiper thinks that they are simply passing time in the office, and they don’t realize that they are creating tension and awkwardness.

Often the best way to deal with a gossiper is to avoid them completely – especially when they start to gossip about others. Simply make an excuse to leave so that you don’t get dragged into the drama.

4. The Know-It-All

The know-it-all loves to feel smart, and they enjoy correcting others as they believe it shows off their own intelligence. They often don’t realise that others resent being corrected constantly.

The best way to deal with a know-it-all is to make sure you’re clued up, too. If you have to work together, make sure your section is air-tight. If they believe that you are knowledgeable and independent, it is likely that they will mostly leave you alone.

5. The Backstabber

The backstabber acts like your friend and confidant to your face, but they will also steal your work and ideas to pass off as their own. If you tell them that you dislike someone, the backstabber will make sure that that person finds out – just to cause you trouble.

The best way to deal with a backstabber is to completely avoid them. If you have to talk to them, don’t tell them any of your ideas or feelings, as they will try to use them against you. Focus on being civil, rather than friendly.

6. The Complainer

The complainer lowers the mood of the office, as they seem to hate their job and the idea of doing any work. They don’t finish their projects and they expect everyone else to pick up the slack, while complaining about how much work they have to do.

If you work with a complainer, don’t be a pushover. Don’t help them with their work, or they will continuously expect you to assist them. If they ask, say that you have a lot of projects on and no time for anything extra.