The Most Overlooked Secret: How To Instantly Become Happy


Being happy is definitely one of the most significant aspirations everyone is willing to achieve. Nonetheless, very often people spend the entire life trying to arrive at that very state of happiness.

Sometimes it does really seem that happiness is something unattainable — a mythical definition of a great life. Every once in a while, such thoughts start dominating, because there are always things we are not fully satisfied with.

Our achievements are not that prominent. Our relationships are not that perfect. Our work is not appreciated that much.
Eventually, we end up thinking that there is nothing that can make us happy now. Therefore, we start working even harder and moving faster in pursuit of mythical happiness.

Unfortunately, this is where the main problem arises. This mindset makes you always keep on heading towards something better, prettier and greater, bypassing all the beautiful things you already have around you.

However, the research says that each year more and more people report being genuinely happy. The reason is that millions have already figured out the veritable essence of happiness.

It is important for you to hear this and it can eventually become a key to being happy and appreciating every moment of your life.

The secret to being happy is simple: Happiness is not a destination. It is a state of mind.

In order to become happy, all you need to do is change your perception. The perception of a genuine concept of being happy. In fact, you do not need to aspire to reach any destination. Instead, you should value what you have now.

Take a deep breath. Look around and think about the good things you have already done in your life. Consider the great opportunities you have now. And do not forget, that you are not alone in this universe: you have close friends and family, who love you. Embrace the beauty of your life and take a minute to enjoy it.

This is where happiness is:

1. Notice Small Things
The first sip of coffee in the early morning. A funny joke told by your friend. A smiling stranger in the subway. Those are things that usually make your day. Pay attention to small things and let them make you feel great.

2. Love What You Do
And do what you love. Life is too short to do the stuff you do not like. If you are still not satisfied with what you do, be bold enough to change it. Make sure you are involved in things you are passionate about.

3. Smile
Do not let the world change your smile. Whatever it takes, always try to find positive things even in bad situations. Be optimistic and let your smile change the world.

4. Spend Time With People You Love
These are they who can make you feel happy every minute spent together. Devote sufficiently much time to them: chat, play, kiss and love.

5. Enjoy Your Life
Stop comparing yourself with others. Do not be jealous. Do not try to live someone else`s life. Appreciate what you have and enjoy every moment spent in this beautiful world.

”Most folks are about as happy as they make their minds up to be.”

— Abraham Lincoln

The sooner you believe that you already have everything to be a happy person, the sooner you will become one. There is no need to travel for decades to arrive at the desired destination of happiness. Probably, you have already landed. Yet you need to realize that your happiness is where you are now.