The Most Perfect Girls Are The Ones Who Are Unapologetically Imperfect


There is no such thing as a perfect person. Occasionally, you might go to Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter, and see these stunning women with seemingly perfect lives. You see she’s got a flawless looking face, sexy body, and stories of exciting travels. There’s a lot going on behind the screen that you won’t ever know about. What you see online are just the most impressive parts of a person’s life – the highlights so to say. These are the so-called “perfect girls” but they are nothing more than a myth.

The best dames are the ones who are brave enough to leave their bodies unretouched and their faces unfiltered. They are the ones who fearlessly talk about their daily struggles, insecurities, and weaknesses. They are the ones who aren’t afraid to fail or be judged for being who they are. They are the girls who are unapologetically imperfect, and guess what?

They are just as beautiful and lovable as anyone else.

Backing up a little bit, I remember a short time when I was younger and thought I could be perfect. I wanted to be the perfect girlfriend who would one day be the perfect wife. I’d have the greatest body imaginable and the best career. I thought I could be the closest thing to the perfect person I could imagine. Of course, it didn’t take too long for me to realize perfection as a person isn’t attainable.

I had this made up idea in my head of what it meant to be perfect, but I saw that isn’t the same idea that everyone else had. Whenever I tried too hard, it was pretty obvious that it was fake. It wasn’t me.

I wouldn’t be surprised if every girl has a moment like this at some point in her young life. Mine was when I was pretty young and it didn’t last too long because I had a great mom who taught me that perfection isn’t real and I can still be an awesome person being perfectly imperfect.

However, I still observe others who seem to buy into the idea of perfection, and I just hope they have the role models like I did who will teach them how to know better.

I see girls who seem to think that they have to be perfect to attract a guy. It’s frustrating to see them try so hard for guys who won’t put in half the effort they do.

If I could say anything to those girls, it would be this:

No one will ever be perfect, and there’s nothing wrong with that. Even if perfection existed, how boring that would be. Imperfect girls are much more interesting. There is such a beauty in imperfection, and only the highest value men will understand this right away.

You can still be a kickass woman – one who is ambitious, successful, and respectable all while being imperfect.

In reality, men don’t fall in love with perfect girls. They want women who they can connect with and relate to. They want someone that can be just as hilariously silly and flawed as they are. They respect women who dare to be imperfect, without shame or apology.

There is nothing more rare or magnificent than a woman being unabashedly herself, content with her perfect imperfection. That is the force of true beauty.