The Most Romantic One-Night Stand Poem You’ve Ever Read


Moon, tell me why
Six months have gone by and
still I am thinking of him.
Him + me and those
Few hours we spent
Staring into cosmos
and the veins of jungles.

Tell me why when I hear the song
“Is this love”, I think of him
across thousands of miles
Of ocean but then, there we are-
Him and me in a little bungalow
tucked into the underbrush
Of a rainforest.

And when Bob says “we’ll share
the shelter, of our single bed”
my heart sighs a deep
Sigh- that is the love I want.
The most romantic, simple words
ever laced into a song. And they are
his. They are his smile that greeted
me instantly like it had been waiting
for me to arrive all along.

Trees, tell my why
I see him and me waking from that bed
crawling out from airy white eden
barefoot, bare assed, bare souled
playing in a garden, picking fat ripe
papayas for breakfast.

I see us playing like puppies
in sand and when the sun falls
we return to that bed made for one
and sew our souls together
with yellow yarn.

we sew all night.

God, tell me why it is
That we can meet 10,000 people
and roam around the big wide world
and dance through rice fields
and love many, many humans,
and sweep mountain sides on
motorbacks and still- there are those
few select smiles that
you are thinking of
one year later.

Why does this feel like a knowing
instead of a longing? A knowing
like it is the beginning of a story
I wish to live in all my life.

Love, tell me
What is this strange
Yellow yarn yarn that
ties two perfect strangers
What is this magic
and how do I use it
to pull you near?