The Most Violent Song Of Summer 2015: STILLBIRTH By Alice Glass


If you have been abused, you most likely won’t tell anyone about it, living a closed off life in fear of reaction. Also, because at this point you might think “this is how life is, shit happens – move on” but in 2015, a time when thousands of victim pieces are written and posted every week about people opening up about their abuse. People start to get concerned, wondering if it’s just something for the “likes”, or if they are just enjoying the idea of being a “special snowflake” falling at the centre of their universe. Who knows? Some people out there might even get off on slipping into the identity of a trauma victim on, with no prior trauma.

Alice doesn’t give a fuck about either of these narratives. This is what makes “Stillbirth” important. She is donating the money to the charity RAINN, not for the narcissistic look of being a good person but to save lives. It’s in her voice, the call of a rising phoenix. A prayer gasping for air. “I’ve been waiting, waiting for you to die”. Who, is waiting for who to die? Both of them want to kill each other. Who, is who? Your neighbours. “I WANT TO START AGAIN! I WANT TO START AGAIN! I WANT TO START AGAIN!” This is the sound of a human asking life to come back home, life is at gun point with no choice but to obey.

If these sounds are going on inside of the injured brain and heart of Alice Glass, think about how many other broken brains can feel this same sound?

You could be boring, and look at her as vision of her Gen X influences or you could see – she’s the first voice of her generation to face the music, face the violence, face the reality that is abuse.

I want “Stillbirth” to disrupt you in a mall.

I want “Stillbirth” to pop up on your TV out of nowhere.

I want “Stillbirth” to infect the planet.

Being a victim is never a bad thing, most of the time trauma happens when it is out of the person’s control. We want more. Give it to us, Alice.

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